Touch of Grace ~ Gospel Music


      Touch of Grace from Paradise Valley, AB, has been singing together since 2004, when Art, was asked to bring a group to sing at a Gideon Banquet.

     They come from a rich musical heritage. Doreen Klatt sang and played in her family band for many years. Art Block has sung in many musical groups, conducted choirs and cantatas, and produced a cd with his eleven brothers as well as his own cd.  Deanna Block has sung in groups and choirs and also played clarinet in a community band.

      In the past few years, they’ve welcomed a fourth singer to their group from Springside, SK.  Grant Hoffman adds a wonderful depth to their group as he sings bass. Grant has sung in many groups and choirs. Besides playing in a jazz band in Yorkton, he also plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Team Pep Band. Distance doesn’t always allow him to be with the group but whenever he can, he joins them.

     In 2013, the trio’s cd, “He Keeps Me Singing” was nominated as Southern Gospel Album of the Year by the Canadian Gospel Music Awards. The Song, “If You Knew Him”, was nominated in the Country/Southern Gospel category as song of the year at the Canadian Gospel Music Awards.

    The trio has enjoyed singing at concerts, banquets, church services, nursing homes, jamborees, camps, and any place the Lord has had them share their ministry. Family and work keeps them from singing as much as they’d like to but they take advantage of every opportunity they can.

    Their tight harmonies and energetic music makes for an enjoyable experience. Their greatest desire is to share the message of Christ and our sufficiency in Him. They have been touched by the Grace of God and are eager to see others find their way to God and that same grace.